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Potential Development

Squad Aims & Objectives, To obtain Oxon & North Bucks County considered times. Swimmers will be targeting the Oxon & North Bucks County Championships other designated Target Meets. Swimmers should aim to reach the highest levels based on ability and commitment levels.

Accepted criteria for entry into squad

- Proven ability and commitment to following a competitive training program (swimmers, with parental support)
- A positive mind set
- 100% commitment to team events (Diddy League, National League, County relays)
- Commitment to the targeted Open meets for the squad.
- Signed and returned copies of Swimmer Code of Conduct & Parents Code of Conduct
- A Team player
polite, supportive, caring and empathetic
- Consistently attending 85-100% of sessions
The coaching team shall consider cases that meet most of the criteria with the attitude of meeting it all. 
**The Head Coach reserves the right to move swimmers outside of the criteria/move dates due to exceptions circumstances**

Training Times

See Squads Timetable

Head Coach Feedback form

Please use this form to ask a question of our Head Coaches, to pass on any feedback or to seek any information on swimming related matters either of a general nature or relating specifically to your child. Once completed, please email a copy to if you are unable to email the form, return it directly to the head coach or to any committee member who will pass it on. If your matter is personal, please seal in an envelope .

To download our membership form click here

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